Ticket Buying 101


  • Join the artist's fan club. They usually offer fan club members a presale opportunity. Fan Club fees vary by artist. 
  • Sign up for Memorial Coliseum All Access Alerts. Subscribers receive presale alerts with access codes, plus discounts and more.
  • When browsing ticket options on Ticketmaster, don't forget to explore the various VIP packages, available for select events. 
  • As our concert season picks up, we want to remind everyone that Ticketmaster and the MidWest America Ticket Office at the Memorial Coliseum are the only official ticket sellers for Allen County War Memorial Coliseum events. Beware of purchasing from secondary markets, such as Facebook posts, resale sites and more as the tickets may be counterfeit or be listed for inflated prices. 
  • If something looks questionable, call our ticket office for assistance or verification that you're at the right place. 

Don't Be Fooled

The best way to protect yourself from being tricked into thinking you are purchasing tickets directly from us, is by using the website you are at RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is find the event you want to attend and click the BUY TICKETS link. Or, visit our ticketing home on Ticketmaster.com/acwmc. When you use this website, purchase tickets in person at the MidWest America Ticket Office or go directly to Ticketmaster.com/acwmc, you'll always be sure to be buying direct from the venue.

NOTE: Personal resale of tickets (scalping) is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Violators will be subject to arrest for trespassing. Please see a member of our guest services staff or manager on duty to report this activity.