Appleseed Room

The Appleseed Room is a popular venue for wedding receptions, fundraising events, class reunions, corporate seminars and other elegant events. The Appleseed Room is easily accessible from either main entrance, with convenient restrooms located just outside of the space in the hallway. The space can be divided in half for A & B sections with a removable wall.


Daily Rate** (2022/2023)





Sq. Footage

Appleseed Room $1,000 / $1,100 400 900 540 110’ X 73’ X 11’ 8,100
Appleseed A or B $700 / $700 200 450 270 55’ X 73’ X 11’ 4,050

*Legal capacities of the space are reduced to functional capacities with the addition food service equipment, dance floors, audio-visual equipment and other fixtures. For an exact capacity of your specific event, an event coordinator can provide a detailed layout of the room. 

**Tables and chairs are included in the rental fee for Meeting Room/Banquet functions.