COVID-19 Impact Update: A Note To Our Guests

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COVID-19 Impact Update: A Note To Our Guests


The health and safety of guests, event clients and staff is the top priority of the management of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

From the very beginning stages of the COVID-19 impact on the region, Memorial Coliseum management has been actively engaged with the Allen County Department of Health, staying informed and updated on pertinent information and adopting best practices.

As part of the response, additional cleaning and sanitizing of public lobbies, hallways and restrooms have taken place since the middle of February. Hand sanitizer stations have been added at the ticket office, concession stands and other public spaces in the building. Educational signage was added to the closed circuit television system to remind guests to wash hands thoroughly and frequently, as well as, practice social distancing techniques wherever possible.

A large number of public and private events have been impacted and Coliseum staff are working diligently on rescheduling and announcing new dates, if applicable. Ticket office staff is also working closely with event organizers to process refunds, if applicable, and reschedule events. Please continue to check our website or follow along on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Thank you for your support of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.


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