National Gridiron League 2020 Kickoff

The following statement was released by the National Gridiron League on April 4, 2019. 



JACKSONVILLE, FL- The National Gridiron League and President Joe E. McClendon, III announced today an adjustment to the league's kickoff season. The change is effective immediately and includes all NGL team schedules.

The league with the recommendation of industry experts will continue promotional efforts in preparation of the league's 2020 season.

Recent developments within the spring football industry such as the cease of operations of the Alliance of American Football, organizational changes within the NGL league office, and NGL players desire to create a player’s association are the prime factors for the decision. "We are committed to long-term success. That has always been the primary goal and although it’s a tough decision to move to 2020 it’s the best choice. We were paying close attention to the Alliance of American Football, and there were some great things they did and some mistakes. It is important that we build from those lessons before we launch and to have a work stoppage because our players are unhappy; that's not how we desire to do things."

“Every market deserves the opportunity to properly promote to allow each market the best opportunity for success,” said Joe McClendon, president of the National Gridiron League. “We have worked extremely hard to secure the right markets and venues for our league and to launch twelve expansion franchises at once takes a tremendous effort. We felt it would be in the best interest of our teams, fans, and venues if we do not rush our kickoff and take some additional time to ensure a fantastic first experience. A great fan experience will forever be our standard moving forward.”

League president Joe McClendon will be interviewing with local news affiliates to discuss the league's decision further. The league will work with all 2019 season ticket holders in transferring packages to 2020 packages.

2019 season ticket holders will also receive:

* (2) Passes to any NGL team youth football camps set for this summer and fall.

* A one-year pass to any NGL team Touchdown Club.

* (2) Player passes to invite any professional player to any NGL team tryout.

* (1) Free team t-shirt and hat.

Those seeking 2019 season ticket refunds will be fully refunded.